Google Chrome is generally known as Chrome is a web browser and is proudly owned by Google which was officially released in 2008 for the windows users but eventually released for all the users. To access all the services of Google Chrome, users must have an account on Gmail. And if you do not have an account then also you can freely and actively browse on Chrome but you will definitely miss personalized search.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers which were launched by Microsoft in the early days of internet revolution worldwide. It was used by 95% of the world in 2003 and was once the largely used web browser in the world. Users can freely browse the internet with the help of internet explorer but earlier it was a bonus application for window users as they only have access to the explorer but later on, it was made every user.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox commonly known as Firefox was launched in 2002 by Mozilla Corporation and it is a free and open source web browser for all the users such as Windows, Linux, IOS, MacOS, and BSD. The web browser is also available for the Android users as well. Without any hassle or worrying about the privacy breach users can freely browse on the Firefox.


Safari launched by Apple is a graphical web browser which was released in 2003 for Mac OS X Panther and a mobile version of the web browser was released by the company. This web browser can be only accessed by IOS users and MacOS users. It is specially built according to the Apple users and is mainly popular among the Apple users for the privacy security it provides to the users.


Opera web browser which was launched by Opera software AS in 1995 by a Norwegian company. This web browser is famous for the security and privacy which it provides to the users. The web browser is compatible with the window operating system, Linux operating system and with MacOS.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a Web Browser which was launched by Microsoft in 2015 for Windows 10 and Xbox One and for the Android and IOS users it was launched in 2017. This browser is imbued with new features and specifications such as personal assistant Cortana and has extensions on the Microsoft Store just like Apple store.

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