rand mcnally
Rand Mcnally

Rand McNally has created a revolution in the field of navigation devices as it provides the mapping software, GPS software, and hardware for the home and commercial purposes. It was founded in the late nineties and has three headquarters, situated in Skokie, Illinois and United States of America.


TomTom is an automotive Dutch company provides the GPS devices, navigation devices, traffic products; GPS sports devices, location-based products, and mapping software to its users. It is widely known among the users as the best GPS provider because of the easy user interface of the application and the device.


Garmin LTD popularly known or stylised as GARMIN is an automotive and GPS American based multinational technological corporation with its headquarters at Kansas, United States, Olathe, and Switzerland. It is one of the best companies which provide navigation devices and mapping software within affordable prices.


Roadrunner is a known brand among the automotive world as it provides the best GPS technology within affordable prices to its users. It is an all-in-one navigation device with new features and characteristics which really attract the novice and non-techie users as it has easy to use user-interface.


Magellan Navigation Inc is generally known as Magellan which develops, produces, sells and exports GPS devices, navigation receivers, and Mapping software across the world. The company is headquartered in San Dimas, California, United States of America. It is famous for its easy and hassle-free direct road maps, topographic maps, and marine charts. It produces GPS for home as well as for commercial purposes.


AwareGPS is a new Navigation provider in the market but has entrenched its brand value among the automotive field by providing the cheapest and best GPS devices, receivers and mapping software to the users in some years. Its main headquarter is in the United States of America is loved by the users due to the services it provides in the most affordable range.

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