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Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa was launched in 2014 by Amazon and it is popularly known as Alexa. It is a Virtual assistant which is used in the smart speakers which are also the products by Amazon. Alexa works on Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Fire TV, Fire HD, IOS, Android and Cortana. The virtual assistant is a cloud-based virtual intelligent personal assistant used as voice service.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is developed, powered and sold by Google and it was launched in 2016 for various operating systems such as Android, Chrome OS, IOS, KaiOS. This Google assistant is a division of Google Home smart speakers and it is available in many languages including various platforms such as Android TV, smart displays, Wear OS by Google Home, IOS and many more as these virtual assistants have changed the way we the users think of technology.


Siri, a virtual assistant launched by Apple Inc. In 2011 is only for the IOS users and it works on the platform such as IOS, watchOS, macOS, HomePod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple watch etc. It can be said that Siri is a personal virtual assistant of Apple users which uses natural language user interface to perform all its various tasks such as recommending its users for various things, answering their questions etc.

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