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Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple TV is a product of Apple Inc, which is also widely famous and trustable device among the users as the other devices of the company in terms of security, user-interface etc. Apple TV is an entertainment device and a digital media player and due to its various features like HDMI cable, HD screen resolution, widescreen with the TV remote app etc users love to watch movies on it.


Roku is a digital media player which works with a wired or wireless Wi-Fi and streams all the top channels within affordable prices. It also gives away discounts on its subscriptions for its regular users. With the advancement, it has released its new version which is Roku seventh generation which is imbued with the latest technology and the latest channels which you can stream endlessly without any halt.


Hulu is an American company which is headquartered in Los Angeles and California. It is an Entertainment corporation which focuses on providing the TV series and another episode of a sitcom or movies online. It is a type of channel through which users will be able to stream endless online videos according to their taste that too in one subscription.

Amazon Firestick
Amazon Firestick

If you want to stream endless sitcoms, movies, TV series, comedy movies etc without any buffering or wasting your time then Amazon Firestick is the best option. It is a product of Amazon Inc and works well with the wired or wireless Wi-Fi connection. It is also a trustable brand in the field of the entertainment industry.


Chromecast a digital media player; is a product of Google, which works as a dongle through which users can online stream videos on their mobile phones or on their personal computers and it is also necessary that your PC, mobile or TV supports Google Cast technology otherwise it will not work. This is why some users hesitate to buy it as it has various compatibility problems.

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